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Beside Pagerank (PR), Link Popularity and Alexa Traffic Rankings, there are some other ways to check if a directory or a subcategory of a directory is worth submitting to.

1. How recent is the google cache?
You can easy make a "cache:url" search on google. You should get something like:
This is G o o g l e's cache of http://dmoz.org/ as retrieved on 12 Dec 2006 13:33:43 GMT.
If the date of cached page is older than 15 days, then the page is not frequently crawled therefore it is not important enough so you should not submit, specially if you were thinking about a paid submission.

2. Where is the link placed in a backlink search for sites which are already included?
Go to your category, and check on what position is the link placed on a search like: "link:url" - on google or "linkdomain:url" - on Altavista for a site which is already included. If you find it in the first pages(results), then it is considered an important link. If you find it in the last pages or don't find it at all, then either the site was very recently included or the directory is unimportant. (For this test you should rely more on altavista linkdomain results, since google does not update the backlink database very often)

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